Have You Felt the Energy?

I visited Rome in 2012 to celebrate my 43rd birthday. The main reason was not my birthday, but to see Pompeii. The ancient city caught my attention at the age of twelve when I read about it in the encyclopedias my parents gave me.

Before my day in Pompeii, I had three full days in Rome and I wanted to make the most of that time. Some places I visited in Rome had an energy I could feel in my core. I first sensed it at the Catacombs.

The formal burial grounds, while empty, still held the spirits of those who had passed centuries ago. I remained quiet, allowing the souls to surround me. While the sensation wasn’t strong, I had the feeling they were trying to communicate with me.

Another stop I encountered spirit was the Capuchin Monastery. The monastery contains several crypts with the remains of late monks, depicting the life expectancy on Earth and the mortality all of us face. While the sense of spirits again was weak, I felt them just the same.

When our guide explained how beautiful the crypts were, I found it difficult to imagine how bones could be arranged in a manner that would be pleasing to the eye. When I did see it, it blew me away. Being surrounded by the friars gave me a sense of peace. I felt as if the monks had wrapped their arms around me in comfort. Even another member of the group found the crypts tranquil.

One final energy-filled spot in Rome happened to be the Colosseum. Beneath the amphitheater

is where you would find tunnels and animal cages. While everyone else chatted and pointing out parts of the underground, I remained silent while my eyes took in my surroundings.

The energy reverberated around me. I never felt anything as intense or powerful as the buzz I felt that day. It didn’t appear the others noticed it.

Maybe the souls of the past had focused on me alone, trying to communicate with me. I wished I understood what they wanted to tell me. I am certain they had interesting tales to share. These experiences kept me occupied until Pompeii Day.

Upon entering the city I longed to see for over thirty years, the excitement had taken over my body. It wasn’t until we had free time to explore did my sense of afterlife beings came back. At the Temple of Jupiter, the souls started to surround me again.

I sensed the terror they felt during that fateful day back in 79 AD. I believed they wanted to convey their stories to me, but I couldn’t hear their words. To this day, all I can do is imagine their lives and their deaths.

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