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Remembering Ellie

by Tracilyn George

Remembering Ellie

Ellie lived in New Jersey, working as a successful novelist. Her early life with her father had been idyllic. But, when he decided to go back on tour and leave her with her grandmother, her perfect life became disrupted. Living with a cantankerous grandmother made it difficult for the girl to have any peace.

After moving from Pittsburgh to Newark, she faced a different battle with the neighbourhood housewives. Ellie did everything in her power to avoid their jealous behavior. When an older man moved next door, she found someone she could finally trust.

Despite this, she refused to talk about her past. After losing her memory during the September 11 attacks, her past would come back to haunt her.

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About Tracilyn George

Tracilyn George was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada.  She began writing at the age of 12. 

With encouragement from teachers throughout her junior high and high school years, she tried her hand at several genres. 

Tracilyn finds inspiration from the world around her.


She loves movies from the 40s and 50s. Her favorites are Singin’ in the Rain and Casablanca

Europe is her favorite travel destination. She finds inspiration from traveling.

She lived in the Canadian Arctic for a total of five years.

She loves learning about history and visiting historical sites.

She believes in reincarnation and guardian angels.

She enjoys watching sports especially American football and ice hockey.

She loves reading. Her favorite authors are Robertson Davies and Margaret Laurence.

She visited her uncle’s gravesite in northern Italy. He had been killed in WWII by a sniper.

Winter is her favorite season.

Halloween is her favorite day.

Has written 21 children’s books and is slowly getting them illustrated.

Enjoys cross stitching.