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Darkness Over Me

by Tracilyn George

Darkness Over Me

Moira appeared to the outside world as a strong but compassionate woman who gave freely of herself without thought of her kindness being reciprocated. Those around her believed that nothing fazed her and although she dealt with people in crisis, it never seemed to affect her negatively. But when she lost her best friend and confidante, she thought her world would fall apart-again. It was at that moment when Chance came into her life, taking her on an emotional trip she would not soon forget. Chance was a handsome and charming older man who gave her the much-needed attention that she had craved for so long. But when secrets began to surface about the man she had fallen in love with, Moira found she was wishing he had never come into her life.


About Tracilyn George

Tracilyn George was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada.  She began writing at the age of 12. 

With encouragement from teachers throughout her junior high and high school years, she tried her hand at several genres. 

Tracilyn finds inspiration from the world around her.


She loves movies from the 40s and 50s. Her favorites are Singin’ in the Rain and Casablanca

Europe is her favorite travel destination. She finds inspiration from traveling.

She lived in the Canadian Arctic for a total of five years.

She loves learning about history and visiting historical sites.

She believes in reincarnation and guardian angels.

She enjoys watching sports especially American football and ice hockey.

She loves reading. Her favorite authors are Robertson Davies and Margaret Laurence.

She visited her uncle’s gravesite in northern Italy. He had been killed in WWII by a sniper.

Winter is her favorite season.

Halloween is her favorite day.

Has written 21 children’s books and is slowly getting them illustrated.

Enjoys cross stitching.


5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story about love, strength and friendship.

August 23, 2013 - Published on Amazon.com

I thought this was really great. The character development was amazing - I felt like I knew them! The main characters are really likeable and I appreciated how kind they are. I could also see the impending romance and was impatient for it to happen! The story is quite complex, following the lives of Moira and Jason - two people who work hard and generally want to help people in need. But then things start to go downhill, and the reader is brought into the depression and darkness of what reality can become. Worth the read.